1. Our Fresno Optometrists Highlight The Dangers Of Dry Eyes

    Dry eyes. While this irritation seems like nothing more than a minor disruption, many Americans struggle with the discomfort and blurriness associated with having dry, red eyes. Beyond the daily annoyances, patients that elect not to seek out the help of a local eye doctor may find themselves dealin…Read More

  2. Explaining Nearsightedness With Your Fresno Optometrists

    Blurry vision. If you’re like a large number of Americans, this inconvenience can quickly turn into a daily problem. Many people deal with unfocused vision from a distance, often referred to as myopia or nearsightedness. In fact, the National Eye Institute has released data that that points out th…Read More

  3. Explaining Farsightedness With Your Fresno Optometrists

    If you’re like many Americans, you likely rely on corrective lenses to see life clearly. The increasing popularity of electronics has also increased this number, as more and more people come to rely on technology for work, school, and recreation time. One question our eye doctors field often is wh…Read More

  4. How Does The Sun Hurt Your Eyes? Our Fresno Eye Doctors Explain

    As the summer season comes into full swing, residents across California are looking to hit the beach and ride the waves or set out into the great outdoors. Sunshine can prove very beneficial for your body, but excess amounts can result in uncomfortable conditions and serious long-term concerns. Many…Read More

  5. All About Dry Eyes With Your Fresno Optometrist Part 2

    As a California resident, you are used to beautiful views and sunny days. Your vision is a vital part of this process, and when something goes wrong with your eyes, the quality of your daily life can take a major toll. The patients that our local eye doctors see often come to us with a fairly common…Read More

  6. All About Dry Eyes With Your Fresno Optometrist Part 1

    You are tearing up right now while reading this sentence. No, it’s probably not because our blogs are so touching. Rather, your eyes rely on tears 24/7 for lubrication and comfort, providing a protective layer that helps to keep out dirt and other harmful contaminants. Most people are unaware of t…Read More

  7. Explaining Snow Blindness And Ways To Prevent It Part 1

    As the holiday season comes into full force, many families are taking advantage of the weather and making the pilgrimage to the slopes. Fun fact: China Peak is less than 65 miles from our office! Taking the time off to spend time with Mother Nature is definitely enjoyable, but there is a hidden risk…Read More

  8. When It Is Recommended To Seek Emergency Eye Care Part 3

    As the windows to the soul, your eyes guide you through every stage of life. These valuable tools are often not valued until something goes awry. Once an issue develops, the eyes become a central priority for many people. Eye emergencies are no joke, and should be taken care of immediately to minimi…Read More