The retina is one of the most essential structures in the human eye. It detects light and converts the light into signals that are sent to the brain for processing. These signals being processed by our brains are the key to sight. Many diseases that affect the retina will eventually result in loss of vision, and many of these can be detected in an exam before there are clear symptoms. This advanced warning can allow us to delay, reduce, or even correct the problem.


Every patient at Signature Optometry is offered a digital photograph of their retina. This can be used to monitor changes in cases of retinal disease and is a simple baseline screening for healthy patients. Preventative healthcare is extremely important in a body part as essential as your eyes, so call to set up your appointment today. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn about your eyes through our digital retinal photography! Signature Optometry offers a wide range of optical services, ranging from routine vision exams to same-day emergency visits and more.

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