It can be scary when something is going wrong with your eyes. In our everyday lives, we depend heavily on our sight to help us navigate the world, so getting diagnosed with any eye disease is a frustrating experience. Don’t worry, our optometrists are here to help!

After being diagnosed with an eye disease, your first concern will likely be finding a way to treat and care for your condition. At Signature Optometry in Fresno, Dr. Fisher and our friendly staff are standing by to give you the best possible care for whatever eye problem you are experiencing. With plenty of experience, understanding, and a passion for eye care, you can trust that our team will be on your team—every step of the way.

Each eye condition presents a different situation, so we don’t operate with “one-size-fits-all” treatment options. We will use your diagnosis and personal medical information to create a tailor-made approach to your eye care. This might include medication, vision therapy, eye exercises, or, if warranted, medical procedures or a referral to a specialist. We will only recommend approaches that are absolutely necessary to your treatment and we are more than happy to explain and educate you about the treatment possibilities, your specific eye condition, and why we recommend one approach over another.

It’s important that you don’t feel alone when diagnosed with an eye disease, and with Signature Optometry, you don’t have to be. Our Fresno optometrists are here with the care, experience, knowledge, and patient-oriented services that you can depend on. If you’re in need of eye disease treatment or management, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.