Major changes have developed in recent months across the globe, causing many people to panic over their personal safety. COVID-19 is a rapidly growing issue everywhere, with medical experts in the United States claiming that the actual number of affected individuals is likely 50 times more than what has been reported so far. Signature Optometry of Fresno has received a lot of questions concerning eye health and the novel coronavirus, and we want to put patients at ease.*

We’ll provide some simple advice to follow during this uncertain time and answer our most asked questions. Signature Optometry is closed during this period, but you can contact us if you have pressing concerns or emergency needs!

Avoid Touching Your Face

While you have likely been advised not to touch your face by dozens of close contacts and medical professionals over the past few weeks, it cannot be emphasized enough to exercise caution. The mucous membranes of your body (membranes lining the eyes, nose, mouth) are the most vulnerable to transmission of a virus. It is known that COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through contaminated droplets expelled into the air through a cough or sneeze. These droplets can spread to others when inhaled through the nose or mouth, or when physical contact is made with unwashed hands. 

Wash Those Hands

The CDC recommends thoroughly washing your hands often, especially if you travel outside of the home and come into contact with surfaces or individuals. Proper hand washing has been shown to be among the most effective ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season, as harmful germs are washed away before they can find a way into the body. 

Reduce Your Exposure

Unprecedented measures are in place to prevent the ongoing spread of COVID-19, which can lay dormant for more than 10 days and be transmittable through individuals who are asymptomatic. Don’t risk exposure to large groups of people or individuals you suspect are feeling unwell. If you are sick, stay home and stay safe!

Can I Get Coronavirus Through My Eyes?

While the chances of contracting the novel coronavirus through the eyes is unlikely, medical officials do cite that there is the possibility. Medical professionals are especially at-risk for infection through the eye, especially if proper protection is not worn. An infected patient may unknowingly spread the germs to their medical provider, who may have touched their eyes or other membranes such as the mouth.

Will My Eyes Show Symptoms of COVID-19?

A lot is still uncertain about this new disease, but medical experts are working to better understand the symptoms and dangers of COVID-19. One study from the New England Journal of Medicine compared rates of conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye, often known as pink eye) in coronavirus patients across China, and found that red, infected eyes were only present in 9 of nearly 1,110 cases. With a prevalence of less than 1%, experts are focused more on transference through other means.

Is Your Office Open During This Time?

Due to recommendations by the CDC and California Optometric Association, Signature Optometry will be closed. If you need emergency eye care, you can call our Fresno-based optometrists for assistance. Typical eye care such as vision exams and corrective lense upgrades are considered non-essential, but any emergency eye needs can be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Once everyone has been cleared to return to normal routines, we will be happy to schedule your eye exam 

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*This content is meant to serve as helpful information, but should not serve as a substitute for medical care or as a means of treatment. Reach out to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns!