Blurry vision is a common, prevalent problem across our country that impacts millions of Americans on a daily basis. Whether you have noticed a small changes (such as struggling to read road signs) or have been dealing with long-time complications, blurred vision can severely impact anyone’s quality of life. In addition to not being able to see clearly, many people are plagued by sporadic or continual headaches. Instead of worrying over your health, we recommend seeking out the help of our eye doctors in Fresno. Signature Optometry is here to help patients of all ages to see clearly and live happily. We specialize in eye therapy and optical boutique services, delivering complete care in an affordable and caring manner.

One problem we discuss often at our eye clinic in Fresno involves the troubling relationship between blurred vision and headaches. While temporary problems generally do not necessitate medical intervention, some problems may be due to underlying health problems. If you are dealing with blurred vision, or it has been awhile since you’ve seen your local eye doctor, be sure to schedule your appointment with us today!

Problems Associated with Blurred Vision

Dealing with blurry vision on a daily basis can prove to be a major source of inconvenience for many Californians. If you have noticed increasing blurriness in your daily tasks, we recommend seeking out the help of a local eye doctor for quality assistance. Oftentimes, problems such as blurred vision and headaches can be indicative of a health problem, and addressing any issues now can help to save your health, time, and even finances down the line.

Eye Strain

As you can imagine, trying to focus on blurred letters and numbers for hours at a time can put considerable strain on your eye muscles. The prevalence of technology and our growing reliance on screens has made eye strain a major problem everywhere you go. Patients that experience blurred vision will likely face the issues associated with this problem, including excess fatigue and the onset of a headache. Over time, this strain can begin to cause other problems beyond an occasional headache, so be sure you reach out to our optometrists in Fresno for assistance today!

Age-Related Farsightedness

Over the years, our bodies begin to gradually slow down and even wear out. Presbyopia, a very common problem affecting citizens between their mid-40s and mid-60s, is the gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects. Daily activities such as reading or staring at a monitor can become more challenging, as your eyes strain to keep up with the decreasing focus. Keep in mind that this problem will only get worse as your eyes work hard, so be sure you speak with your local optometrist for assistance.


These intense headaches can come on suddenly and cause a lot of pain around the eyes. Some patients experience flashing or zig-zagging lights, while others suffer from nausea, vomiting, and numbing sensations. These major headaches may be caused by abnormal brain activities, causing changes in the brain that can attack nerve endings and pathways. Hormonal changes, dietary, and sleeping habits may all play a role in setting off a migraine.

Bright lights, loud noises, and other environmental factors can all contribute to the development of a migraine. Blurred vision can greatly impact patients prone to migraine attacks, making optical services vital. The relationship between headaches and blurred vision can be intense. Instead of dealing with poor visual health and the painful consequences, be sure to reach out for corrective vision services today!

Addressing Your Visual Needs

Signature Optometry is here to provide comprehensive care for all of our patients in Fresno and beyond. Our team understands the intense connection between blurred vision and headaches, working to provide a range of services to ensure that you are left with a healthy outcome. Continual headaches associated with vision changes may be a sign of more concerning health problems, so be sure that you seek out medical assistance if you notice any differences in your vision. Various eye diseases can be blamed for blurred vision, including macular degeneration, worsening cataracts, glaucoma, and more.

If you are in need of a local optometrist in Fresno, the eye doctors here at Signature Optometry are here and happy to help. We feature the best services and most modern technology to provide the best possible care for every patient. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!