Since 1960, our Fresno optometrists have provided our happy patients with comprehensive vision care. Moreover, our eye doctors have created meaningful relationships with individuals based on trust and communication. Signature Optometry is happy to help you see clearly in 2020, and we’re confident that we can address any and all of your eye health concerns for many more years of happiness.

Keep reading to learn more about a few of our optical services offered here in Fresno, and feel free to contact us to schedule your appointment!

Annual Eye Exams

A once-yearly eye exam done by a professional optometrist will do much to keep your vision healthy. Our local eye doctors can provide a fast, painless exam to ensure that everything looks good. If something seems out of order, we’ll be sure to detect it right away in order to provide the most effective solutions.

Shop Our Optical Boutique

A quality pair of glasses should reflect your style as well as provide corrective vision. You can schedule with our eye doctors in Fresno to determine your prescription, then you can shop our optical boutique to find the perfect fit. We stock a range of frames and quality lenses to make your life better.

Eyeglasses are a big commitment, which is why Signature Optometry is happy to offer our two-year coverage plans to completely protect your eyewear in the event that something happens.

Contact Lenses

Many patients rely on contacts to address their visual needs. Signature Optometry offers complete care for corneas and contacts, providing complete exams of patients wishing to benefit from contact lenses. Regardless of your visual challenges or preferences, our local eye doctors are happy to find the right products. We can work with your insurance to find the most cost-effective approach, and will be happy to navigate a care plan that considers your budget in addition to your visual needs.

Eye Health Exams

Many Americans suffer from some sort of eye condition. If you’re dealing with dry eye syndrome, diabetic retinopathy, or any other issue, Signature Optometry is trained and ready to provide a complete health exam. We know how to address a range of unique health needs and keep your vision as perfect as it can be.

Same-Day Emergencies

Emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time, and if you sustain an injury to your eye, then things can get pretty stressful. Signature Optometry relies on the proper training and tools to handle most vision emergencies in-house. From medical concerns such as pink eye to contact lenses stuck in the eye, loss of vision, or any other problem, we offer same-day emergency services.

Pediatric and Infant Eye Exams

Children should visit their local optometrist between six months and one year of age to check for any potential issues early on. Our eye doctors in Fresno offer a Well Baby Eye Exam to prevent future issues and address any current health concerns. Once your child reaches three years of age, we can provide a more thorough exam. Signature Optometry welcomes patients of all ages!

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There are many services that our Fresno optometrists offer, all with the goal of helping you see clearly in 2020 and beyond. If you’re ready for your appointment, be sure to contact us for assistance!