Throughout the course of a week, most California families do a lot. From school to work outings to sports practice, life can get pretty hectic. If you have begun to notice problems with your vision, such as irritations or changes in visual acuity, then it’s important to seek out professional help to ensure everything is healthy and working properly. The ability to see is an important part of your quality of life, and should be prioritized to ensure the best results for the entire family.

An individual’s vision can change over the years, especially if that individual stares at screens all day, suffers from a medical issue, or is over the age of 50. Regular screenings are essential for keeping your eyes happy and healthy, but if you notice any of the signs mentioned below, we recommend scheduling an eye appointment as soon as you can! Our optometrists can schedule an appointment with you to check for any issues, offering professional advice and proven services for life. Signature Optometry of Fresno is available and accepting new patients, so be sure to contact us today!

Itchy, Red, Dry, or Otherwise Irritated Eyes

Dry, itchy eyes can be hard to live with, yet many Americans deal with this inconvenience on a daily basis. These symptoms are often indicative of a scratch or minor abrasion along the cornea, which while often superficial in nature, may increase the risk of infection and future irritation. There are many products available to help improve your comfort throughout the day, including eye drops for allergies, contacts, medical issues, and more.

Signature Optometry is proud to provide California patients with a full range of high-quality services backed by years of experience and ongoing training. If you are currently dealing with persistent problems such as dry eyes, or have been utilizing eye drops for a long time to no success, be sure to contact our local optometrists for an appointment!

Continual Eye Strain

This problem is becoming more prevalent in modern society, as screens and technology take up more of the average American’s time. Eye strain is a vision issue that manifests through a variety of common symptoms, including blurred vision, headache, fatigue, eye pain, and in some cases, double vision.

If you have noticed changes in your vision in conjunction with an increased sensitivity to light, or pain in your neck or upper shoulders, it is recommended to see your eye doctor for an examination. In most cases, your optometrist will be able to offer tips and products to reduce strain where possible.

Trouble Seeing

One of the most obvious signs it’s time to call your local eye doctor is a decrease in your vision. Oftentimes, patients will call our office after noticing that they are not able to see as well in the dark as they used to, especially when it comes to street signs. If you’ve found yourself squinting more often, or have trouble focusing on screens and mobile devices, then it’s vital to correct the problem as soon as possible. Putting off a vision exam with your eye doctor will cause further strain, possibly worsening the problem in the process.

Our Fresno eye clinic provides a full range of vision services, including corrective lenses, refractive therapy, and more. We strive to provide the most effective and comfortable results for all of our patients’ needs, and work hard to set the standard for professionalism and quality.

Flashes and Floaters

Floaters are normal, and can become an annoyance in some instances. However, if you suddenly notice a bunch of small lines floating around the periphery of your vision, then it’s important to schedule a visit with your local eye doctor. Patients who notice a loss in peripheral vision or sudden flashes of light need to seek out immediate attention, as these are the symptoms of retinal detachment.

Frequent Headaches

Pounding headaches can disrupt your day, especially if they occur often. The cause of your headache can come from a variety of sources, but if you experience them frequently, our optometrists will check for signs of problems. Most often, our Fresno eye doctors help patients dealing with fatigue related to increased screen time. Headaches can occur from a variety of sources, which is why regular eye care is helpful in keeping an eye on your ongoing visual health.

Ready to Schedule Your Exam?

If you are dealing with frequent problems with your eye health, or you cannot remember the last time you came in for an exam, our optometrists in Fresno are always accepting new patients! The experienced eye doctors at Signature Optometry proudly provide a full range of optical services to benefit our patients, including vision exams, same-day emergency eye care, and everything in between.

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*While meant to be helpful in nature, this content is not meant to diagnose or treat any possible health issues. Reach out to your local eye doctor for comprehensive treatment.