Complete Optical Services

No matter your needs, our local eye doctors are here to provide quality eye care for the entire family. Rely on Signature Spex-i-Wear Optometry, a new name but with the same great frames!

Same-Day Emergencies

If you sustain damage or otherwise require emergency optical services, it is important to take quick action to protect your eye health! Our family optometrists are available for emergency optical services, offering same-day appointments to treat ailments such as pink eye, foreign objects stuck in the eye, disruptions to vision, and more.

Optical Boutique

Feel good in your corrective eyewear with our optical boutique, featuring stylish results for the entire family. Signature Spex-i-Wear Optometry works with the top insurance providers to ensure affordable results for a variety of plans, enabling you to find the best lenses and frames to meet your needs. Our optometrists offer a two-year coverage plan for glasses, giving you complete peace of mind and the ability to alternate with your contact lense coverage.

Contact Lenses

Comfortable, stylish, and built to make life more convenient, contact lenses are available in a variety of styles to help users with all types of visual needs. We offer quality lenses from trusted manufacturers to help patients with astigmatisms, bifocal needs, and younger ages. People are often surprised by the range of options available when it comes to contact lenses!

Eye Health Exams

The biggest tool in protecting your eyes is prevention, which is why Signature Optometry offers complete eye exams to check the health and acuity of your vision. We can provide regular examinations, screening for potential problems and personalizing your care plan to create the most healthful results moving forward.

Vision Exams

Routine vision exams are important in measuring your vision and overall eye health. This appointment also allows our Fresno optometrists to measure your vision and provide the correct prescription. If you’re in need of an eye exam to procure your up-to-date prescription, give us a call!

Manage of Eye Conditions & Diseases

Proper control and management of your eye disease can help to provide comfort and relief. Signature Optometry understands that one size does not fit all, and our optometrists will work with you to create a care plan tailored to your health needs.

Pediatric & Infant Exams

Infant and pediatric eye exams are important for children dealing with concerning symptoms, such as excess sensitivity to light, a lack of focus, inflamed eyelids, and more. Our eye clinic welcomes patients of all ages, and we’ll work with your little one to ensure that they are comfortable before moving forward.

Ocular Surgery Referrals

In situations where surgery is required, our team can provide referrals to help address your advanced needs. Get in touch with our optometrists to schedule an appointment to discuss your eye health needs, and we’ll send you to a trusted partner to receive treatment.

Digital Retinal Photography

Retinal imaging provides a clear picture of the health of your eyeballs, delivering vital data for patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and other conditions. Signature Optometry offers retinal photography to all of our patients to provide a clear measurement of their current health.

Corneal Refractive Therapy

CRT contact lenses are worn at night and gently shape the cornea, providing better vision throughout the day without the need for wearing corrective lenses. This option is advantageous for patients of all ages, especially individuals who would prefer not to wear contacts during their activities.

Dry Eye Clinic

Dealing with dry, irritated eyes on a regular basis can impact the quality of your life. Signature Optometry offers treatment options for patients dealing with chronically dry eyes, including our LipiFlow treatment. Our Fresno optometrists are among the few practices in the area authorized to provide LipiFlow services to provide comfort and relief in just 10 to 15 minutes!

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