Eye emergencies can be anything from getting your contact stuck in your eye, to pink eye, to getting something lodged in your eye. Protecting your eyes and keeping them healthy is the key to maintaining your vision throughout your lifetime.

Pink eye (also called conjunctivitis) while minor if treated, is highly contagious. It’s recommended that you get in to see an optometrist as quickly as possible to start treatments so the pink eye will no longer be contagious.

If you have eye irritation from contacts, contact us. While contacts usually can’t be felt in your eye, they sometimes will cause irritation, burning, watery or light-sensitive eyes. Eye infections can also be experienced while wearing contacts and can get worse if gone untreated or if you continue to wear your contacts. Your optometrist can give you a medication to clear that up.

If you get something in your eye and it’s persistent in causing discomfort and making your eye water, call your optometrist in Fresno and make an appointment. Having something in your eye that could scratch any part of your eye could affect your long-term eye health. Worse, having something lodged in your eye can cause infection and permanent vision loss . However, your doctor can help identify any foreign objects and provide treatment.

None of these situations are fun. In addition to being painful, eye emergencies can indicate bigger issues. Some eye problems may only need a simple treatment from your optometrist that will help to alleviate the pain and discomfort. Call Signature Optometry serving Fresno and Kerman, CA for all eye emergencies. Don’t leave your eyes without the care they need. Find the relief and answers you need quickly with help from Signature Optometry.