For those that suffer from poor vision, it can be tough to wake up each morning and have to put on glasses or place contacts that can become smudged or irritated throughout the course of the day. If you’ve thought about laser correction, or have inquired about it, only to be told that you’re not a prime candidate, the team at Signature Optometry has a solution for you. As your optometrist in Fresno, we’re always trying to find ways to better our eye care and corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is one of those ways.

CRT works to reshape your cornea, so that light is properly focused on the retina. It’s specially designed for near-sighted people, and can prove beneficial for people of all ages. If you like to be active during the day, but have found that contacts and glasses just get in the way or cause problems, CRT lenses can help your vision while you sleep. Place them before you go to bed and then take them out after you wake up, and enjoy a day of great vision! After about a month of wearing them at night, you’ll see a marked difference.

Signature Optometry has partnered with Paragon CRT to bring you this effective therapy, so if it’s something that interests you, visit your optometrist in Fresno today. We’ll explain how it can benefit you, and how to best take care of the lenses and your eyes while using them. We look forward to helping improve your vision!