Eye problems are not limited to a specific gender or age. Disorders of the eyes that affect vision can happen to anyone. Many of these eye problems can be corrected with a pair of glasses. The only way in which an individual can get their vision corrected is to visit an optometrist in Kerman, CA! Without consulting a professional, eye problems may get worse over time.

No one should have to live with abnormal vision. People should be able to read and drive comfortably without the fear of blurry or unfocused vision impairing their abilities. It may be time to schedule an eye exam with your optometrist in Kerman, CA if you have any of the following problems:

  1. Difficulty reading due to blurry vision
  2. Difficulty seeing road signs due to unfocused or blurry vision
  3. Difficulty driving at night
  4. Increased eye strain or fatigue of the eyes throughout the day
  5. Increased headaches
  6. Double vision
  7. Difficulty focusing on objects whether close up or far away
  8. Finding yourself squinting to read or see objects
  9. Increased sensitivity to light
  10. Difficulty staring at a computer screen for long periods of time

While you may believe you need glasses, only a licensed optometrist in Kerman, CA can give you a definite diagnosis. It is a lot easier for adults to differentiate between normal and abnormal vision. It may be much harder for parents to decide that their children need to see an optometrist. Usually children will not be able to vocalize that their vision is abnormal. With children the easiest way to learn if there is difficulty with vision is to look for visual clues. Regardless of why or who needs an eye exam, Signature Optometry can help you with your visual problems. Call today for an appointment!