Some days, it feels like technology has taken over everything.

Go to any business, whether they provide hair cuts or hardware supplies, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll see employees using computers to complete their jobs.

Most of us spend the better part of the day staring at some sort of computer screen, whether it’s double monitors on your work desk, the smartphone or tablet that you read at lunch, or the 60-inch flat screen TV that you use to watch your favorite program when relaxing at the end of the day.

Staring at a computer screen doesn’t feel like work, but it’s actually really tough on your eyes. Add in the fact that most workplaces suffer from poor quality lighting, and you quickly realize that screen time makes life really hard on your precious eyes.

As your trusted optometrist in Fresno, we’re here to help you take care of your eye health, whether you need glasses or not. To that end, we’ve gathered up some easy eye exercises that can help to relieve the strain put on eyes from constant computer work.

Think To Blink
Researchers at the University of Iowa found that “as we stare at the computer screen or while reading, our blink rate decreases. We actually blink 66 percent less while working on the computer. This will cause your eyes to feel dry and to burn.” Simply reminding yourself to blink on a regular basis can help keep your eyes healthy. This is as easy as adding a sticky note to the edge of your monitor that says, “Blink!”

Another exercise that can be very beneficial in combating the symptoms of computer vision syndrome is palming. To perform this exercise, first rub your hands together so that a little heat is generated and your skin warms. Then close your eyes and place each hand over each eye in a cupped position. Let the heat sink into your eyelids for a relaxing effect.

Visual Scanning
The best way to give your eyes a break from computer work is to simply stop looking at the screen for a second. Once an hour, push back from your desk and try to focus on something far away. You could look out the window, or simply down the hallway. Keep moving your eyes around the room for at least 10 seconds before moving your eyes back to the screen.

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