Disorders of the eye can decrease the quality of an individual’s life. Many people take their eyesight for granted until they are plagued with a disorder that affects their vision. When your eyes are affected in any way it is time to schedule an appointment with an optometrist in Fresno, CA. These professional can help correct vision and improve the health of your eyes with different treatments and management techniques.

Different eye issues affect millions of Americans. Some of the most common conditions that an optometrist in Kerman, CA or Fresno, CA will treat are:

Myopia: The disorder is also known as “nearsightedness” and makes it difficult for individuals to see objects that are far away.

Hyperopia: This disorder is known as “farsightedness.” Individuals who are affected with this disorder have a difficult time seeing objects that are up close.

Astigmatism: This is an incredibly common disorder that affects the curvature of the lens or cornea. Due to the irregular curvature, the vision of those affected tends to be fuzzy or blurry.

Cataracts: This disorder will affect the lens of the eye. The lens becomes cloudy which creates blurred vision, or affects the way in which an individual will see colors. Over time, the clouding of the lens can cause loss of eyesight.

There are many different disorders, injuries, and diseases that will bring individuals to their optometrist at Signature Optometry. Many of these concerns can be corrected with the help of a qualified optometrist without the need for invasive treatment. When there are questions or concerns about the health of eyes or the state of an individual’s eyesight, visit Dr. Chris Fisher at Signature Optometry. Proper diagnosis and treatment will ensure that individual’s eyesight will stay intact for years to come. Our goal is to help the eyesight and eye health of each of our patients!