When you were a child, you may have had to visit the eye doctor to be fitted for glasses. This could have been due to trouble reading, or perhaps because of problems seeing the baseball during your summer little league games.Whatever the case may be, it’s very likely that as you grew, your glasses prescription changed along with you. Then there came the day when you decided that you were tired of wearing glasses all the time, and wanted a new method of vision correction. At Signature Optometry, your optometrist in Fresno, CA, we understand every method of vision correction and if contact lenses are something you’ve never tried, but want to, please come see us today.

Contacts are a great way to maintain proper, healthy vision, without the need to keep plastic lenses clean, as you had to with glasses. They provide the freedom to wear sunglasses while outdoors and there’s no risk of contacts being knocked off your face or broken. The team at Signature Optometry can fit you with contact lenses for all types of vision correction, including astigmatism, and can also provide bifocal contacts for those that require them.

If you’d like more information on how contacts can benefit you, visit your optometrist in Fresno, CA today. Contact lenses are a perfect alternative to glasses, and we know you’ll love how you look and feel once they’re in your eyes. We’re dedicated to providing each patient with personal, individualized eye care. Make an appointment today and begin enjoying better eye health.