As people age, it can be common for their eyesight to worsen and the need to arise that they need vision correction. Others go through life not needing glasses or contacts, and if you’re part of that lot, it’s still important to have your eyes checked regularly. Eye health is very important and you could have factors that will lead to vision problems in the future, even if they’re not apparent now. As your optometrist in Fresno, CA, Signature Optometry wants to help prevent eye problems before they can appear.

Every person that visits our clinic is offered the opportunity for a digital retinal photograph. The retina is the part of the eye that detects light and converts that light into signals that the brain then processes into images, helping you truly see what is in front of you. By taking a retinal image, we can see if there are any issues, or any precursors to more serious conditions that will eventually lead to a decrease or loss of vision later in your life.

For those with healthy vision, it’s still essential that you receive regular vision exams, and stay on top of your eye health. For those that already have vision correction, your optometrist in Fresno, CA will help you maintain your vision and keep serious eye problems from creeping up and taking more of your eyesight. We want everyone that comes to us to feel comfortable and assured that their eyes are in good hands. Call 559-432-0606 for our Fresno location, or 559-846-8210 for our clinic in Kerman.