Cataracts are a very common condition of the eye, increasingly common as you get older. Cataracts occur when the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy. It can cause you to feel as if you are looking at everything through a foggy window, obscuring and blurring your vision. Fortunately, treatments for cataracts have come a long way in the last decade, and today it’s a very treatable condition.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Lessening the effect of your symptoms.

If your cataracts aren’t severe, you may choose to simply live with them for now and take measures to overcome the effect they have on your vision. You can try things such as changing your glasses prescription, increasing the lighting in your home, and wearing prescription sunglasses when you go outside. While doing these things won’t get rid of your cataracts, it may help prevent them from obscuring your vision. However, the cataracts will likely continue to grow, in which case your only choice will be to eventually have surgery.

Surgery is the most effective treatment.

Surgery for cataracts is a surprisingly simple procedure. A surgeon will remove the lens from your eye and replace it with a clear artificial one. Most surgeons perform this as an outpatient surgery, and recovery time is typically minimal.

Our Fresno Optometrist Can Help

If you are concerned that you are experiencing the symptoms of cataracts, make an appointment with our Fresno optometrist by filling out the form on this page. Our optometrist can diagnose the presence of cataracts, and depending on their severity, offer suggestions to help you overcome the symptoms or offer you a surgical referral to a great local eye surgeon. The first step is a proper diagnosis, though, so make an appointment to come into Signature Optometry today.