During these uncertain times, it’s as important as ever to stay up to date on all of your health needs. Regular checkups with your physician are still vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The same is true for your visual health, which is why our Fresno optometrists are working diligently to maintain the same level of eye service and care with all of the recent changes.

We are following established COVID-19 precautions, and hope to continue helping local families stay up to date on their eye health. Keep reading to learn more about our optical services, and be sure to schedule your appointment online to get started!

Safety-First Measures

In order to continue providing the highest caliber of optical care to Fresno residents, Signature Spex-i-Wear Optometry is adhering to all local and federal guidelines for the safety of our patients and professionals. We are open to appointments only during this time, allowing up to three patients in our office simultaneously to meet safety recommendations. Visitors are not allowed with you to your appointment (unless legally required). Our opticians rely on face shields, breath shields on the equipment, and more to minimize contact.

Eye Health

From routine vision exams to prescriptions for contact lenses, surgery referrals, dry eye treatments, and more, our local optometrists are here to provide a full range of services to help serve all of your optical health needs. We have the experience and training to help manage a variety of eye diseases, as well pediatric and infant services to assist little ones with their vision.

During these pandemic times, it is important not to let your health concerns fall to the wayside. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Spex-i-Wear Optometry on North Palm Ave to discuss your vision needs and how our professionals can help!

Shop Our Optical Boutique

It may seem challenging trying to find new prescription glasses during a pandemic, but Signature Spex-i-Wear Optometry is here to make it easy!

You can work with one of our Fresno opticians to try on any of the frames you like. Keep in mind that these frames are disinfected completely in between each patient, minimizing the risk of spreading germs. Feel free to try as many as you like, and breathe easy knowing that everything has been sanitized.

Try Our Curbside Pick-Ups

We will try to minimize in-office needs as much as possible, and are now offering curbside services for pick-ups, drop-offs, glasses repairs, and adjustments. You can simply pull into one of the designated spots and call or text us to let us know you have arrived. One of our professionals will come out to greet you at your vehicle. 

Make Your Appointment Today

While the appointment time slots are very limited due to recent restrictions, our Fresno optometrists are available to take on new patients. We know that you have questions and concerns, and our team is here to provide the safest level of service possible while still focusing on the quality of treatment for your vision.

Contact us online for assistance or to make your appointment!