Signature Optometry Privacy Policy

Last Updated on 7/14/17. This privacy policy is effective immediately.

The content of this site and all included web pages has been created and approved by the Signature Optometry practice, which is wholly owned and operated by Chris Fisher, OD. We have determined that the information presented on this website is representative and in accordance with our professional standards, as well as the professional optometry standards of the state and national associations to which Dr. Fisher belongs. It is our goal to provide you with accurate and current information about our practices, policies, and certifications. Neither this site nor the information presented on it should be considered an alternative to specific, professional advice. It is not our intention that you substitute this information for a live consultation with an optometrist or any professional medical provider. If you have questions concerning your specific eye care situation, please contact us or your preferred eye care professional right away.

All content of this website, which includes but should not be limited to text, graphics, video, audio, trademarks and logos, are the intellectual property of Signature Optometry, and largely designed and provided by the services of Madwire Media. This website and all of its contents are protected by copyright laws.

Any personal health information you provide us with may be sent from our site to our practice. Our contact form is designed to limit the amount of information you send electronically for your personal protection and safety. However, your personal contact information will never be shared or sold to a third party for their use. We will not permanently store your information for any use other than contacting you as a patient or potential patient. Your security is important to us, and we appreciate the trust you put in us. We will not betray that. Should you have any concerns about sending your information electronically, please feel free to call us over the phone instead.