When your eyes are healthy, you tend to think very little of these vital orbs that serve as your windows to the world. If something goes wrong, however, it becomes a major issue that should be rectified immediately to ensure the best outcome for you and your vision. Signature Optometry is proud to be a top-quality optometrist for Fresno residents, delivering optical services that optimize the visual health of you and your family. Our eye doctors deliver effective, compassionate results to keep your eyes on the prize for years to come. One area that we specialize in is same day emergency eyecare. When something goes wrong, it’s important to seek immediate medical assistance to ensure that no lasting damage occurs.

Today, we’ll continue to look into when it is recommended to seek emergency eye care by breaking down what you should avoid doing, as well as a few of the most common causes of eye problems. If you are in need of urgent help, be sure to contact us now!

Avoiding Further Harm

When the eye becomes irritated, many people resort to fixing the problem themselves. While it can be hard to resist intervening, it’s essential for you to avoid:

  • Rubbing or applying pressure to the affected eye. Rubbing your eyes is a first response, and putting pressure on the eyelid can temporarily relieve irritation. Rubbing the eyes can promote lubrication and remove minor contaminants, but can exacerbate an existing injury. The introduction of the germs from your hands also raises the risks of further issues.
  • Applying ointments or eyecare medications. While this may sound counterintuitive, it’s important to diagnose what the specific eye problem is before treating it. Laying on the wrong medicine can make things worse!
  • Removing stuck objects. If there is any object that has burrowed into your eye, it’s important to seek emergency care from your local optometrist or urgent care. Attempting to remove the debris yourself can cause further damage. Numerous people attempt to utilize tools such as tweezers, which is one activity that we definitely do not condone. Again, the potential damage that can be dealt to your eye is not worth the risk.
  • Taking out your contact lenses. Unless your eyes have been contaminated with a harmful chemical, it is suggested in most scenarios to leave your contacts in. Attempting a removal after sustaining an injury can worsen the original damages.

Generally, it’s best to leave the eyes alone when an emergency develops. Signature Optometry strongly recommends seeking professional medical help before doing anything else!

Common Causes of Eye Emergencies

The human eye is a remarkable tool, yet its protection from outside contaminants is often not enough to fully protect from hazardous situations. The cause of your eye trauma can equate to an emergency that varies from minor irritations to full vision loss. Read below for some of the more common causes of eye complications.

Corneal Abrasions

Scratches make up a major portion of eye emergencies in our office. Generally, patients are either poked in the eye by a foreign object or they rub their eyes when sand or dust is present, scratching the surface of the eye in the process. When you notice redness, irritation, or sensitivity to light, the odds are high that an abrasion is present. If the problem extends beyond the most superficial scratch, it’s important to see your eye doctor in Fresno for quick assistance. One a scratch is formed, the eye becomes more prone to infections, which can infiltrate the eye and begin causing damage within 24 hours! It’s important to seek medical help quickly and to avoid irritating the area.

Foreign Objects

Another contributor to eye emergencies is any foreign item that gets into the eye. Generally, any item that makes it into the eye is cause for medical intervention. Items such as metal, wood, or any material can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. If your eye is damaged by an outside object, be sure to disturb the site as little as possible. Creating a barrier to protect your eye before receiving medical assistance is recommended, whether it be a paper cup or some other cover item. Tampering with your injury in any form can make the problem much worse, so be sure to come in ASAP. If the item resides in the cornea, removal can lead to a timely recovery. If left untreated, the foreign contaminant can create a host of issues, from bacterial invasions to scarring and more.

Next time, we’ll continue to look at the causes of eye emergencies and why you should always seek medical help. Signature Optometry is your Fresno optometrist for same day emergency care in the event of any problems. From optical exams to contact lenses, we do it all. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment!