No matter what age you are, no matter what condition your eyes are in, your annual eye exam is essential in order to maintain quality eye health. As your optometrist in Fresno, Signature Optometry is passionate about the health of your eyes and your sight. That is why we make scheduling and attending your annual eye exams as simple and easy as possible.

The Importance Of Your Annual Eye Exams

Your annual eye exams aren’t just for getting a new prescription. They allow your eye doctor to really check up on the health of your eyes, in the same way that your dentist checks in on your oral health and your medical doctor checks in on your physical health. By looking for diseases, early signs of problems and potential vision impairments, we are able to help you maintain your eyesight for years to come. Without an annual assessment of your vision, you are more likely to develop permanent, irreversible impairments or diseases, many of which are degenerative.

In addition, while you may feel like your eyes haven’t changed, you may be surprised by what a new assessment can do. If you’ve been getting more frequent headaches, felt your eyes getting more tired or have had a harder time judging depth at night, then chances are it’s time for a new prescription.

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